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    Home | Contact Us | 中文版 | English Welcome To Hubei Ourselves Garment CO.LTD

      Hubei Ourselves Garment CO.LTDwe call it OSF ,is an enterprise specialized in outdoor sporting goods' research,production and market.It built base on over 10 years experience in garment manufacturing and marketing.


    Product Center


    Combination of design and process

    Combination of design and technology

    Have design team that can be adjusted or designed according to your needs One stop solution provider for customization, design and process.

    Strong production strength

    Strong production strength

    The company currently has 100 thousand square meters production base, annual output of 300 thousand sets;

    Professional trade team

    Professional trade team

    100 professional trade team, quick response to each order, one-stop worry free service;


    Quality control

    The company is equipped with advanced production equipment, testing equipment (such as Japan brother computer sewing machine, H&H adhesive machine, computer plotter, brother computer button, keyhole machine etc.), specializing in the production of series of high-end outdoor sports clothing.

    01 The advantages of professional pattern designer
    Strict warehousing management system02
    03 Perfect JIT production management system

    20 years of experience in plastic pressing production


    Factory Equipment

    Please fill in the real information and we will contact you within 24 hours!